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The dreaded “D” word!

Whilst drought is the furthest thing from our minds at the moment due to the large amounts of rain that has fallen across the region … it’s something that is never far away. The next drought is on its way and will hit with “dusto” whether we’re ready or not. We just don’t know when.

After the last, record-breaking drought, we’re seeing an increase in large tanks being installed on farms and acreage across the region. Where water was once collected and stored in dams … farmers and lifestylists are now opting for steel lined tanks where excess water isn’t lost to seepage, evaporation and contamination.

“Big sheds with large and/or multiple steel tanks are on the rise.

Take for example, an agribusiness client at Collymongle NSW, who are in the process of installing an additional 344,000 litres to existing infrastructure. A move designed to capture as much water as possible when it’s wet.

It’s for this reason that ClearWater Tanks has amplified our tank offering to include the midline and highline tank ranges.

We understand that not all needs are met by our standard tank range … so we’ve introduced the midline range (2.9 metres high) and highline range (3.6 metres high) to accommodate those requiring more litres on the same standard footprint.

As with all our tanks … they’re manufactured locally in Manildra NSW from genuine Australian BlueScope COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel.

We pride ourselves on being a hands-on local manufacturer who purchases our raw materials from local suppliers to ensure our customers receive a quality Australian-made product.

We’re available to give an obligation free assessment or quote to ensure you have the water on-hand that you’ll need to survive the next dry spell. Make the most of the current overabundance of rain by capturing it for a non-rainy day.

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