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Sheep Feed Trough with Fenceline Rail

A sheep feed trough purpose built for feedlots or sheep enterprises that are designed to reduce waste.

Suitable for supplementary feeding in pens, yards or paddocks of sheep and goats.

Our feed troughs can be joined together and moved easily.

Sheep Feed Trough with optional Fenceline Rail

  • Galvanised 3 rail fence for fenceline installation
  • Adjustable bottom rail for young or grown animals
  • Easy filling and cleaning outside the feedlot


The choice is Clear …

  • Sturdy U-shaped concrete feed trough
  • Suitable for sheep, goats and pigs
  • Easy filling and cleaning
  • 3m long bolt-together design


The Sheep Feed Trough was designed in conjunction with a local feedlot for ease of feeding and cleaning. The straight sides allow for a feed cart to run up the side filling the trough; the U-shape trough means they can be cleaned with a Bobcat sweeper.