ClearWater Tanks – Fire Fighting Reserve

Storz Fitting

In the event of a fire, your water tank could become crucial in saving your home or property. Our ClearWater Steel Liner Tanks are suitable for use as a dual purpose, water storage tank with integrated fire fighting reserve simply by changing the outlet design.

ClearWater Tanks – Rainwater Calculator

We’ve put together a guide with handy calculator to help you calculate how much rainwater you can collect annually. Simply download and change the rainfall and roof area to suit your location.

ClearWater Tanks – Care & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is needed to keep your tank in optimum condition. Consider inspecting your ClearWater Tank every 4 months and after major rain events.

ClearWater Tanks – Tank Liner

ClearWater Tanks Liner

Regardless of the size of your tank … or whether you’re intending on domestic, rural or commercial use; our standard, food grade tank liner, is capable of meeting your needs and delivering the level of quality you expect from all ClearWater products.