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When Geoff was searching for a sheep water trough for his feedlot at Inverell his research led him to ClearWater Tanks.

ClearWater Tanks manufacture a purpose built feedlot trough specifically for watering sheep in feedlots and smaller yards.

Geoff was drawn to the feedlot water trough as minimal water is lost when cleaning daily, which is a real benefit on a large sheep feedlot and better water management is a necessity.

The narrower trough design means there’s plenty of room for sheep to congregate around the trough with a reduced water holding capacity for regular cleaning.

Other features of this trough include a stabiliser pad to reduce erosion in high traffic areas; a fully enclosed float valve chamber large enough to house float and tap; and 4″ outlet for ease of cleaning.

They’re also easy to install due to the flat surfaces and trough being a complete unit.

For more information please get in touch… we’re always happy to answer your questions on our products.