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Case Study | Feedlot Sheep Trough

When Geoff was searching for a sheep water trough for his feedlot at Inverell his research led him to ClearWater Tanks. ClearWater Tanks manufacture a purpose built feedlot trough specifically for watering sheep in feedlots and smaller yards. Geoff was drawn to the...

New Design | Cattle Feed Trough

As part of our continual improvement process ClearWater Tanks listens to customers and industry users of our troughs to ensure we understand their needs fully. As such we’ve modified the trough design of our Cattle Feed Trough to ensure better utilisation of feed. Our...
The dreaded “D” word

The dreaded “D” word

The dreaded “D” word! Whilst drought is the furthest thing from our minds at the moment due to the large amounts of rain that has fallen across the region … it’s something that is never far away. The next drought is on its way and will hit with “dusto” whether we’re...
Dust & Vermin Proofing

Dust & Vermin Proofing

What is Dust & Vermin Proofing we hear you ask? It’s a type of foam that is sandwiched between tank and roof to prevent pest and contaminant entry via small spaces and gaps. It prevents mice and other small animals contaminating your most valuable resource …...
Geotextile Underlay

Geotextile Underlay

Geotextile Underlay Previous Next Every ClearWater Tank comes standard with Geotextile Underlay …  a non-woven, needle-punched geotextile made from polyester.Our underlay is manufactured for pavement stabilisation, subgrade / subsoil separation, slope stabilisation...